"Ellen's research and report, with particular relation to the architectural history of the property, contributed significantly to our understanding of the building"

"The documentation and drawings Ellen uncovered during her research were a constant source of reference and used to inform the strategy for reconstruction both structurally and architecturally."

"The end result was a very detailed account of the development of the house from the details of the original building through the various changes and who was involved."

"We were very impressed with the contents, writing, images and excellent layout of Ellen’s research report"

"Your knowledge of architecture was so thorough and on a personal basis I loved working with you."


Ellen Leslie MA DipCons(AA) FRSA is a heritage consultant and historian providing a research service for building conservation specialists and other property professionals as well as private home owners. Her work supports planning applications and requests for listed building consent, in the form of heritage statements and assessments. 

The research can also simply satisfy a homeowner's curiosity uncovering the story of the house, from who's lived there to how it has structurally changed over the decades and centuries. Ellen also carries out other forms of historical investigation, including family and business history, helping to establish the provenance of antiques or artefacts or providing research services for authors.

Ellen studied at the Architectural Association School of Architecture. There she attained the Postgraduate Diploma in the Conservation of Historic Buildings. She completed an MA in Historical Research at Birkbeck College in 2014. She had graduated with honours in Politics, Philosophy and History from the same college in 2001. 

Ellen is a member of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain (SAHGB) and a member of the Royal Historical Society (RHS).

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